About Sentry

Sentry Funding offers the UK’s largest panel of litigation funders and ATE providers to solicitors looking for quick funding decisions and comprehensive compliance so they can focus on the case, because justice shouldn’t be based on your bank account.

Case studies

We aimed to achieve two things with Sentry;

To provide solicitors and their clients with quicker and more relevant funding and ATE decisions.

Our algorithm reviews your clients case against funding and insurance criteria to provide you with the best matches and a decision in principle within 5 minutes. Which means less time for you and your clients to worry about financing and insuring their claim.

To make this really complex process feel much more transparent to the parties involved. 

By providing straightforward, compliant processes to attain litigation funding and ATE insurance, along with collated case tracking, Sentry helps take the headaches out of the process.

Rising above the clouds

We’ve been through it, and knew it could be better.

The experience of our team lies in the intersection of finance and technology. So when we began to encounter the processes behind litigation funding we knew it could, and had to be better. So we brought together our financing expertise, technology proficiency, and the smartest minds across the legal sector to create Sentry Funding. Now, through our endorsements, we hope to give solicitors the confidence they need to seek out the best fit litigation funders and ATE insurance providers for their case, and to help more clients access justice.

We want to empower people to stand up and take positive action.

Our Team

Tony Webster

Founder & CEO

As an experienced leader of people, Tony has worked through various positions in the Financial Services sector during the past 27 years, with the last 17 operating as Chief Executive Officer.

Specialising in lending and investments using technology, Tony has successfully founded several start-up companies, taking them from origination through to Venture Capital funding and a multi-million-pound turnover. Tony has a proven track record in all areas of corporate management and has been working in the legal sector since 2016.

Adrian Dunn

Managing Director

A successful and experienced Managing Director within the Financial Services industry, with a proven track record in the area of investments, mortgages and protection products. Adrian has extensive knowledge of the Financial Services market, which has been built up over the past 30 years, and he has been recognised at various industry summits, conferences and award dinners.

Adrian was responsible for managing the building of a bespoke processing platform, that allowed several of the UK’s leading lenders to outsource their pre-offer mortgage processing.

Richard Stubbs

Chief Information Officer

Richard has over 20 years of relevant, hands-on technical experience, focusing on technical leadership and operations. Richard has extensive experience within the Internet, FinTech and IoT industries, also founding several successful tech start-ups and holding the position of CTO.

Richard specialises in consulting for organisations on their technical road-maps, products and modern DevOps strategies, putting in place the correct procedures, culture and team, and then taking on an engineering role designing and implementing technology solutions.

Thomas Webster

Commercial Director

Named ‘The Young Entrepreneur’ in 2014 by the Huffington Post, Thomas is a motivated industry disrupter. Experienced in multiple specialist markets, including Financial Services, Real Estate, IT Recruitment and Digital Marketing.

Since 2012 Thomas’s main focus has been directing a regulated Financial Services company, resulting in a substantial increase in the company’s turnover and profitability. Thomas has introduced technology to increase efficiency, control a regulated process and reduce costs, whilst completing a rebranding strategy.

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