Japanese Knotweed

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Japanese Knotweed is famously known for the speed in which it grows and the damage it can cause to residential and commercial real estate values. It is not a legal requirement for property owners to remove Japanese knotweed from their land, but they may be prosecuted or given a community protection notice for causing a nuisance if it is allowed to spread onto anyone else’s property.

In a lot of cases Japanese Knotweed overgrows from large corporation’s land as it is not being properly managed or even in some cases being managed negatively that causes the spread to speed up.


With thousands of potential claims Sentry Funding were approached to provide a streamlined solution that would fund disbursements and arrange ATE insurance for a high volume of claimants.

Using the Sentry Fast Track product, we were able to create a process in which cases can be assessed for funding and ATE cover and ready for draw down with in 14 days.


By using Sentry Fast Track we have been able to dramatically reduce application to funding times and provide access to justice for potentially thousands of claimants.

The Sentry Portal keeps the lawyer, funder and barristers updated through a secure and transparent digital case file.

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