Professional Negligence

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Law Firm B contacted Sentry Funding, after seeing our marketing, for help in arranging litigation funding for disbursements and counsels fees and needed ATE insurance to cover adverse costs for a professional negligence claim. The claimant had received alleged negligent advice from a tax adviser and was looking for compensation from the adviser’s professional indemnity insurer.


Law Firm B registered online for access to the Sentry Portal and ran through a short demonstration.

They then completed a decision in principle application through the portal which automatically assesses the merits of the claim against the UK’s largest panel of litigation funders and ATE insurers to provide an instant decision as to whether the claim could be funded.

ATE cover was secured with an A-rated insurer in 5 days and litigation funding was secured within 14 days, meaning Law Firm B was able to pursue the claim against the tax adviser and professional indemnity insurer.


Having secured litigation funding and ATE cover the defendant settled the claim within 6 weeks of the funding agreement being executed.

By using the Sentry Portal to assess the merits of the claim against a large panel of litigation funders and ATE providers the law firm was able save extensive time researching the market and making application with multiple funders.

We were able to present the case to the chosen litigation funder and ATE provider in a way that simplifies their decision-making process resulting in faster turnarounds.

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