Timeshare Mis-selling

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Sentry litigation funding timeshare misselling


Law Firm A had been working with a well-known funder for over 13 months in an attempt arrange litigation funding for a scheme of cases in which claimants were mis-sold timeshares.  The law firm had experienced a commonly reported annoyance from dealing directly with a funder in which the application process is opaque and difficult to navigate. With questions upon questions being asked over a long period with no clear path to receiving a decision to fund or reject.


Working with Sentry Funding, Law Firm A was able to set up a working scheme within 12 weeks. We worked with our panel of funders and managed to secure funding lines from 3 funders and created a digital process in which to manage the scheme moving forwards.


By using Sentry Funding, Law Firm A was able to secure funding and ATE cover, that had taken over a year of work with no end in sight, within in 12 weeks. As well as arranging the funding and ATE cover the law firm now has a manageable digital process in through the Sentry Portal in which to process the claims efficiently moving forward.

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