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It used to be commonplace for soliciting firms to use a single funder, or not discuss litigation funding at all, but we’re working with the industry to change that.

Providing your clients with litigation funding and ATE insurance options is now not only best practice, but it’s the law. Sentry not only meets these regulatory responsibilities but also ensures that claimants are presented with the most cost-effective and time-efficient solutions.

We’re committed to compliance

With guaranteed financial transparency and open and honest communication, you will always know that we are the Sentry on your side.

  • Financial transparency
  • Financially regulated
  • Frequent client communication
  • Detailed information when you need it most

We’re always on the case, 24/7

We understand the complexities of raising funds, the time, effort and consideration involved – so we’ve created a system that gives you quick decisions, allowing you to focus on the case.

  • Efficient digital software for speed of information
  • Our system saves you valuable time and money
  • Reduced hours worked by employees
  • Increased client satisfaction
We speak to every funder

We speak to funders and insurers, so you don’t have to

Our whole of market funding and insurance panel allow us to find the best options for you and your client in an instant.

  • Whole of market offering
  • Options on funding provider
  • Options on insurance provider
  • Better financial outcomes

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