Rapid Raise

Automated litigation funding

Our pioneering Rapid Raise product offers lawyers and their clients an automated litigation funding process that can deliver a funding agreement in days.

Rapid Raise is exclusively offered to two types of cases with a rigid criteria.

Rapid Raise One.

One off commercial litigation

A clear solution for one-off commercial disputes.

Case criteria:

  • Claimant only
  • Maximum funding amount £500,000 – minimum £50,000
  • Proportionality funding to quantum maximum 20% (£100k funding requires a min of £500k quantum)
  • Commercial litigation in UK
  • Only deep pocket defendants accepted (banks, insurers, FTSE 250 etc…)
  • Funding to law firm maximum 50% of fees
  • Funding to counsel maximum 50% of fees
  • Funding disbursements 100%


  • Law firm opinion must show at least 60% chance of success
  • Independent barrister opinion must show at least 60% chance of success
  • 2nd independent barrister opinion obtained by Sentry from one of our panel barristers must show at least 60% chance of success
  • All evidence held on file

This rigorous criteria ensures three expert opinions confirm that the case has strong merits – enabling us to obtain ATE for adverse costs and own side costs. The litigation funding Key Facts document is issued automatically on ATE approval and, on receipt of signed ATE & Key Facts documents, the litigation funding agreement is automatically produced.

Rapid Raise Two.

Scheme funding

Typically hundreds of small claims with either proven case law or high merits of winning.

Case criteria:

  • Claimant only
  • No funding of solicitors fees – all fees deferred and only payable if case wins
  • 100% disbursement funding
  • Minimum success prospects of 60% confirmed in barrister’s opinion.
  • Only deep pocket defendants
  • The Claimant must retain at least 51% of all damages after all deductions are made by the funder, ATE and Solicitor.
  • HC Judgement and/or QC opinion confirming high probability of success


  • Law firm opinion must show at least 60% success
  • Case budget
  • Letter of claim
  • Barrister opinion on individual case merits vs HC Judgment and/or QC opinion showing at least 60% chance of success
  • All evidence held on file

A breath of fresh air in brokering funding for litigation. Quick, efficient and helpful.

Gemma Carson, Head of Litigation at Wright Hassell.

Features of the Sentry Funding platform


Generate a Decision in Principle for your clients in under 5 minutes. Sentry assesses your client’s claim against funders and insurers unique criteria and pricing to deliver a pre-approval certificate, specific to your client’s needs.

case tracking.

The Sentry portal manages not only the funding and insurance application but the on-going case management. Connecting your case by gathering reports from independent third-parties, such as barristers and cost lawyers, we keep a secure, organised, and centralised electronic file.

compliance report.

You have an obligation (SRA Code of Conduct IB(1.16)) to advise your clients on the various options that are available to pay for the costs associated with any type of litigation. Sentry produces a bespoke, editable compliance report that satisfies your regulatory responsibilities.


Processed by Sentry Funding since launch in January 2020.


Can be Rapid raise funded by a diverse panel of funders and ATE insurers whose individual criteria can fund all types of cases.

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