America's litigation funding portal.

Access a diverse panel of litigation funders and ATE providers to gain quick decisions, meet regulatory obligations, and deliver justice for all.

Sentry Funding has changed the way litigation funding and ATE insurance is arranged in the U.K and we are bringing our revolutionary technology to America.

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We want to empower people to stand up and take positive action.

Tony Webster - CEO

Justice shouldn’t be based on your bank account.

We earn our living from the funders and insurers that Sentry matches to back your case and client. We firmly believe that everyone has a right to justice, so we provide our services free of charge to lawyers and their clients, giving more people the opportunity to see their cases through.

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Generate a Decision in Principle for your clients in under 5 minutes. Sentry assesses your client’s claim against funders and insurers unique criteria and pricing to deliver a pre-approval certificate, specific to your client’s needs.

case tracking.

The Sentry portal manages not only the funding and insurance application but the on-going case management. Connecting your case by gathering reports from independent third-parties, such as barristers and cost lawyers, we keep a secure, organised, and centralised electronic file.

compliance report.

You have a duty to advise your clients on the various options that are available to pay for the costs associated with any type of litigation. Sentry produces a bespoke, editable compliance report that satisfies your regulatory responsibilities.

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